Not in my Name

This had to be done. For obvious reasons. I’m sure most people know about the “not in my name” campaign by now, thanks to social media. This is a reaction to the UK’s involvement in the Syria crisis and the overwhelming opposition to it. Once again, our government has taken to arms when the public say no. We obviously haven’t learned anything. The UK government is even now asking people to send aid to the very country that we¬†are bombing. Women, children, innocent people getting killed every day. We even sell arms to the people that we are supposedly trying to get rid of! And what about the refugees of this crisis? Well, they’re all being left to rot in camps around the world with no-one offering to help, us included. Its like a bad fictional story.

This piece was painted in Cardiff city centre, and is overlooked by 2 main train lines in and out of the city. Hopefully it will help raise awareness and inspire people to take action. Check the video at the bottom of the page.

WAR = PROFIT. It must stop.

Not-in-my-name-graffiti-cardiff Not-in-my-Name-graffiti

Not in My Name – Peaceful Progress from Peaceful Progress on Vimeo.