Skore’s birthday BBQ

Every now and then you need a good excuse for a road trip. Well, I didn’t have a good excuse, so instead I settled for a mission to Kent for Skore’s birthday BBQ. After spending a day and a half sorting out one of my caravans and getting it roadworthy, then to find out the brake lights were knackered just before leaving for the 4/5 hour journey in the slow lane, I forked out a few quid for a trailer board and off we go. 2 nights sleeping on Skore’s drive like a king. Well, it was either that or cuddle up with Merc or Crok on a sofa, but that wasn’t gonna happen.

Arrived at about 10 pm, to a place where street lights have yet to be invented. A pitch black reverse into Skore’s mini driveway and its beers and bed to warm up for the big day. Happy to say i slept well, and woke up to find out why Skore was happy for me to arrive early, as he’d prepared nothing and clearly needed help. Cue BBQ fixing, shopping, potato salad making, P.A assembling, toilet fixing (or not), and general sorting ready for the 3pm start.

From then on, it all gets a bit hazy. Enter the biggest band of misfits, reprobates, degenerates and drop-outs Graffiti has to offer, with a few family members for good measure. Good food, good company, good music and a top night had by all! We had big plans for painting on Sunday, with plenty of writers all up for the crack. As if that was gonna happen. Instead 2 of us just about managed to squeeze out a bubbly little number in the midst of a hangover, before preparations for the long trip home, back in the slow lane.

Good times! 🙂

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