Markham Bandhall Graffiti mural

More #community mural action in the welsh valleys, this time in #Blackwood. This is 2 parts of a 5 panel mural on a historic site in the area.
Blackwood showfield was where the Bedwellty show was held for many years. An agricultural show running every year since 1876 (apart from the occasional world war years) and was the biggest show in the uk.
It was the highlight of the year for many mining and agricultural communities, and there were even special trains commissioned to get people to the event from far and wide. Apart from the many livestock events, there were many unique competitions such as pit-prop races, where rival mining groups would hold races to build the traditional props that kept the roof from falling in.
The field has also been used to host the circus, hot air balloon shows and many other community events. The #bedwelltyshow is now held in #llancaiachfawr , but remains an important part of the history of Blackwood.
#This mural was designed with the help of kids in the local high school.

Tairgwaith primary school Graffiti mural

A more simple and fun commission work, this time up in Tairgwaith, under the shadow of the Gwyhryd mountain in the Amman valley. Tairgwaith means “three works”, and is named after the 3 coal pits that once operated in the area. This primary school is well over 100yrs old and is at the heart of the small community. I love working in these rural communities where a spirit still thrives that is lost in bigger towns and cities. This wall is a small part of an ongoing project with the school to create murals on site that have been designed with the pupils. Looking forward to the next phase.

Heolddu graffiti mural project

A few shots of a large project in Heolddu. This was a commission to paint 2 underpasses and the outside areas. Part of a community engagement project that was designed during brainstorming sessions with the local school. These are a few shots of the first underpass…