Lancer Scott mural

The good people at Lancer Scott waited a few months while i was busy / travelling / working for me to come and paint their Bristol offices. This is a mural in their breakout room, where the staff kick back and play table-tennis. Check the time-lapse out, and head over to my new Youtube channel for more videos HERE


Brunei Graffiti trip..

During my recent stint in Asia I headed over to Brunei to visit some friends and paint some walls. Brunei has a fairly young but very talented and humble graffiti scene with a great ethos behind it. There are some great writers and artists out there, and hospitality was through the roof! If you ever find yourself there, head over to Stain, the Graffiti store and gallery, which incidentally was inspired by our own Graffiti gallery space here in Cardiff, The Boiler House. Various walls painted alongside Budi one, Nerd ink, and Nycer. Big shout out to Tag one and the other guys I met and hung out with!



Bangkok – Common Ground

I was stoked to do a weeks guest spot in Common Ground in Bangkok in December. A great shop in the Silom area run by great people. Common Gound host a large number of guest artists form all over the world all throughout the year.. if your ever in Bangkok and looking for quality work, make sure you check them out! 

Big thanks to Dillon, Jordi and co for having me. I’ll be seeing you again soon!

Sabah Tattoo Convention

Back in November I said goodbye to the UK and headed out to work on some projects in Asia. The first stop was the Sabah Tattoo convention in the Malaysian part of Borneo. An international convention featuring some great artists from all over the world, and some of the finest traditional and machine tattooists in Borneo.

I made a number of spray-painted designs to work from, as well as some geometric work. The vibes were great, and I made some good friends in the process. Thanks to Carlos and Koiyak gloves for organising… i’ll be back! 

NZ – Wales

Ok, you’d be forgiven for thinking this post is about Rugby… especially as these pieces were painted literally right by one the gates into the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. However, this is more about a reunion between 2 friends who live at the opposite ends of the earth. My buddy Tepid was on a tour of the UK and of course had to come pay a visit. The last time we painted together was in NZ back in 2012 in Wellington, and then Christchurch. It as my turn to repay the favour and show some hospitality. Hopefully see you again in another 5 years… 

Go Compare

Go Compare approached me to create a mural in their offices to co-incide with the launch of their new 5 values. It was all a bit hush hush at the time, and I wasn’t allowed to post anything until they had launched the campaign. They even covered up the mural from their employees until the time was ready. This meant a long weekend in a corridor complete with fans, extraction fans and masks, working to complete the mural while the employees were off for the weekend. Only the security guard knew what was going on. It was a fun project to work on with good people, watch this space for more. 

The Bridge Studios

The Bridge studios is a brand new and exciting project led by Peaceful Progress and Alternative events. Following the success of The Bone Yard shipping container studios in Canton, we have launched The Bridge Studios, complete with 7 more studio containers and 4 large warehouse spaces all ready to let out to creatives and entrepreneurs. You can find out more by clicking here.

In the meantime, here’s some Graffiti Ive done on site  🙂