Stoppit and Tidyup

Last piece of 2018… A 2hr wall painted in time for lunch with my 9yr old partner in crime SWPR. (pronounced “Super”). Great way to end the year. Bringing back 80’s environmental awareness to the new year! 

Kent – December 2018

Christmas wall details. Working as a full-time Artist often means that I don’t get to paint for myself much any more. My diary is always so hectic, usually booked up around 2 months in advance, that painting for fun goes out the window. Any spare time goes towards being a dad of 2 kids. Thankfully ive got a 10 year long Christmas tradition of painting with my fellow Sinstars crew member SKORE every year in deepest darkest Kent. Always means i get to end the year on a fun note! Joined this year by style master SHYNE too…

City Hospice charity auction

Welsh boxing legend Nicky Piper with one of my canvases. I recently donated this piece to the City Hospice in Cardiff to be sold at a charity auction. It sold for £180, which was match funded by the Hodge foundation raising a total of £360. Stoked!

Bridgend Parc Prison

Some pics from a recent project in Parc Prison in Bridgend. I was asked to create a mural in the exercise yard with some of the inmates in the YP unit. This is the 4th mural i’ve done at the prison, always a pleasure to go and help brighten up the areas of a very bleak environment. The ideas that came from the brainstorming workshops were to create a landscape that softened the concrete walls and suggested a window into the outside world. We included welsh flowers and birds, with a tip of the hat to sustainability and the wind turbines visible from the M4 near Bridgend. Thanks to the boys for their hard work!