Fiery Jack

This is the second van I’ve commission done for Fiery Jack Entertainment… a master of medieval mayhem on the Festival and Events circuit. He also once organised ferret-racing at The Fair Play Festival we organised around 8 years ago… but thats a different story. 

Netherlands tour – Eindhoven

The third and last stop on the Netherlands tour was Eindhoven for the DOCfeed international film festival. I am the subject of a short film that was premiered in Missouri, USA at the end of last year, which was being screened in DOCfeed. Paul Allen the director and myself met up to watch the screening and answer a Q and A on the film. I also had a commission to paint the outside of the venue during the 4 day festival, which was a great experience to be a part of. Here are some pics of the artwork, and a short video and time-lapse of the trip by Paul Allen. For more info on the film, a trailer, and for more pics, check the Facebook page HERE. 

Netherlands tour – Amsterdam

The second stop on the Netherlands tour was Amsterdam. Its been years since I’ve been there. It was as cold as I remember it! I hooked up with Maty, an old-school local with connections to the SINSTARS crew. We hit a new spot that hasn’t had too much action yet, which is rare in Amsterdam! Thanks for the hospitality and good vibes. Til’ next time… 

Netherlands tour – Maastricht Tattoo convention

I recently went out to the Netherlands for a mini tour of 3 cities to Tattoo and Paint. The first stop was Maastricht in the south for the Maastricht international Tattoo convention. Thanks to all my clients. These pieces were a mix of pre-booked and walk-ins. The designs for 2 were created on the spot, with the others being a pre-booked fat-cap style tattoo, and a piece from my flash sheets. 

Tattoo work

This was a great piece to work on! The design was spray-painted in the studio first using reference that Sophie brought to me, I was given the green light and we set a date. Really happy with the way it came out. If you have cool ideas to tattoos, drop me a message. 

Fat-cap Tattoos…

Layla and Yasmin came to me with an idea for Lotus-inspired pieces. We decided to try something original and do them in a fat-cap Graffiti style. These were loads of fun to work on! Hit me up with any cool ideas like these… 

Caedelyn Park commission

As an extension of the project with Cardiff council to paint a number of changing room sites around Cardiff, I was asked to paint a mural on the Caedelyn park changing rooms. We kept the same themes of Nature / Dragons and Sport. Here’s some pics and a time-lapse video of the Dragon mural. I love doing these! Check my Youtube channel HERE

Lancer Scott mural

The good people at Lancer Scott waited a few months while i was busy / travelling / working for me to come and paint their Bristol offices. This is a mural in their breakout room, where the staff kick back and play table-tennis. Check the time-lapse out, and head over to my new Youtube channel for more videos HERE