Walls Archive

Heckle and Jeckle – Skyhigh, Best, Chok, Born

BRS Exhibition weekend – 1st wall… Chok, Best, Sky-high, Four, Mix. 2nd wall.. Ders, Four, Best, Sky-high

Birdbeak – Colour Doomed and Best

The Mighty Heroes.. Bird and Best

Peg Leg Pete vs Mickey Mouse…

Commission in a Martial Arts centre…

Armegeddon 2012 – Skore, Best

Pylons – Best, The Boiler House

Room 13 Xmas Jam Worcester. Joiner – Phe, Shimz, Zare, Best Raek. Small wall… Best, Raek

Bedford Lorry… Best

Leyland TK 330.. Best

Mayo / Best – Hailey Park

Happy Halloween 2011

Lightning @ Hailey Park – Best

Captain Pugwash wall – Worcester Jam @ Room 13. Plus other walls by those in attendance..

“Davies the Dot” Tattoo Studio

Literature Wales commission @ St Davids 2 shopping centre

Green Man 2011 – Best, Brain, Rarebit and Dafydd Fortt

The Freak Show, Tamworth – Best and Rarebit

Sinstars 20th Anniversary wall at the ROXE Jam, Cardiff – Kilo, Upstart, Best, Seks

Artisan Brewery.. work in progress

Peaceful Progress Van – Best and Karm

Big Little City exhibition, Cardiff – Best.. based on the old Tiger Bay

Bristol.. Best and Kilo

Urban Outfitters – Cardiff.

“Skyscapes” painted at The Boiler House – Best, News, Karm

Beltane Buzz Festival, St Davids – Brain, Rarebit, Eek, Best

Gelligaer shutter commission.

“Big Guns” – Skore, Best – Kent

Zipper 2 – Best

Spaceman Spiff – Nerve, Best, News, Amoe (Karm)

“Expolsion” – Old Army RL painted in an lovely Scrap yard hiddedn in the valleys.

“Zipper” – Best

Scrap Heap Tanker by Best. Fire Engine by Karm


Cool Spot – Karm, Best, Nerve, News… The 4th wall in the Mega-drive series.

Chrome and Gold… freestyle in Hailey Park. Best and Karm.

Row Row Row the Boat – Karm, Nerve, Best. Special dedication to all the Fathers out there who read bedtime story’s to their kids… this is one of my boy’s favorites.

Mash up – Best / Karm. Freestyle at Hailey Park

“Mish Mash” – Painted at The Kem and Mef Exhibition jam at The Boiler House. In no particular order.. Kem, Mef, Diva, Nerve, Karm, Best, Squid, Vomet, Onenil, Zare, Sian

Trinant community mural – by Best, Miner portraight by Squid.

Chrome and Gold styles… Arrow and Throw up walls painted in Hailey Park – Best

Gorf Jam… A section of the tribute to wall for GORF, A Cardiff writer who sadly passed away recently.

Rebus / Best – Jack of all letters… Brighton. Experimental wall at Blackrock. Block, piece, throw, tag.

Karm and Best – The Boiler House 2011

In a B-boy stance – SIN Cru wall, East London… Best, Skire, Kilo

DONDI WHITE tribute wall. The 2nd in the NYC Legends tribute series.

Toy Train – Best, Skore. Last of 2010

Hailey Park… “Forest-fill” –  Best

Boiler House Christmas Jam – Wise, Nerve, Best, Cont, Stone, Smak, Eels

“Framed” in Llandaf North

Part 3 of the Mega-Drive series.. SUPER OFF-ROAD – Skore and Best, Kent. Early morning mission…

“Cap” Tribute – Best. The start of a series of dedication walls to the pioneers and kings of  early NYC graffiti… starting with King CAP one.. Da Bronx

To check what Cap is getting up to these days check his website… click here.

Rock-it – Best and Brain.. painted in Hailey Park

“Wallpaper” at The Boiler House

The Gaza Strip Club… Best, Rarebit Bird….  Stop the illegal imprisonment of Palestine!!

Cardiff City Kings 4… Happy Halloween – Kars, Nerve, News, Squid, Rmer, Best, Bird

Red Streaker – News, Best, Brain

Vaughn Bode tribute wall.. Peels, Best

Digital Disco… Swansea

Le Muy, France – Freestyled pieces in a caravan graveyard

Fair Play Festival exhibition… curated by Peaceful Progress and SIN Cru. Check the Fair Play Festival website for more. Artists involved..

Peaceful Progress / Best /  Kilo / Skire / Upstart / Kak / Skore / Kato / Seks / Bird 272 / Karm / Squid / News / Brian Watkins / VJ Skulpt / Rarebit / Jodie Driscoll /  Ockula /  Kat Nickelson / Zaeger Jones / James Charlton / Sam Worthington  /  Andy Fung / Nathanael Draws / Paul Jace /  Amber Mottram

Positive/Negative… Hailey Park – Best

Quick piece in Hailey Park using Burner chrome, gold and copper.

The Big Splash, Newport Riverfront – Best, News and Karm.

Green Man Festival 2010 – Brain, Best, Ninja Nick, Bird. Complete with interactive spinning bees.

Cheech Lizard.. Bird, Best, Viral

Endorse-it in Dorset Festival – Best

Secret Garden Party Festival 2010 – Best and Bird 272

Lounge on the Farm festival 2010 – Best, Bird 272 and Squid

Move Magazine repainted. The original piece including an x – rated character by Rarebit can be found on our flickr.

Sen one memorial wall.. Peter Richards-Clarke, never forgotten… RIP.

Politricks… featuring David Cameron and Nick Clegg. Best, News and Karm

A Double Dose @ Hailey park

Live painting commission for Indycube launch @ HTV studios.. Best and Bird

“Kaboom” @ Hailey park.. Best

Yoom Yoom.. Best, Gorf and Inker.. painted @ The Boiler House

Ice Gold and Green.. Best and Bird freestyle @ Hailey Park

Biff Boff.. Best and Inker @ Hailey Park

New York Deli commission in Cardiff.

BlockBusters By Best, Mek and Safe

Rollered 2

Osian Rudy By Best

Hindu Gods Production by News, Amoe, Nerve, Bird, Best, Kilo, Rarebit and Smak. Painted at The Boiler House.

Bargoed shutter commission

“Rollered” at The Boiler HouseBest

Class of ’99 reunion.. freestyled fun-wall with my old graff-mate.

The Boiler House Grand Opening exhibition.. Bird, Best, Nerve and Rarebit. More pics on the Boiler House website.

Me Myself and I.. Old vs New – Best

Karm, News and Best – Hailey Park

“Dropping Bombs” – Painted in the Boiler House by Bird 272, Solve and Best.

“Worker Bees” in Blackwood/New Tredegar

Uncle Jester @ The Boiler House… Bird 272 and Best

Merry Christmas 2009… Best and Eazy in Kent. Calvin and Hobbes tribute featuring the Snowmonster!

The Mega-Drive series continued… Sonic the Hedgehog @ The Boiler House. Best and Bird

“Graf-ter Burner” – First of the Mega-Drive series. Best and Brain @ The Boiler House

“Prey” @ The PrintHaus – Best

Meridian Quay, Swansea. Uber posh restaurant commission – Best and Bird 272. Photos by Ben Wyeth

The Peaceful Progress Solar-Powered Caravan – Best and Brain

Fat Face Commission, New Cardiff store – Best

The Hive, Hailey Park – Best

Just for fun… In order of joiner – Serv, Smak, Bird, Best, Nerve, News, Esk… Main pics, Best, Bird and Nerve

Various walls  at Hailey Park Hall of Fame – Best

“Earth Crisis”, Newfoundland – Best and Brain

Green Man Festival 09 – Peaceful Progress had a busy one this year, 120ft mural around the house, 20ft mural in Einstein’s Garden plus hosting, programming (and painting) our own Solar Powered Caravan Stage alongside our Graf cafe. More photos coming. Artwork by… Best, Bird 272, Brain, James Charlton and Ninja Nick.

Kendal Calling 09, Cumbria – Best and Brain

The Peaceful Progress Fair Play Festival, Best and Brain.

Lounge on the Farm 09, Kent – Best and Bird.

Eco-Fest, Lincolshire – Best, Bird and Brain.

Peaceful Progress van – Best and Bird…. more tbc

Accoustic festival of Britain, Derbyshire – Best and Bird

Bullfields, Kent – Best, Tag one and Nose.

Ongoing Pontlottyn high street shutter commission – Bryce Davies and Andy O’Rourke.

Cardiff Kingz B-boy Jam – Peaceful Progress graf wall. Artists (in order of joiner)… Tag One, Air Force, Brian Watkins, Andy O’Rourke, Bird 272, Best, Nerve. RIP James Brown.

Tick vs Tock @ Sandy Lane Farm.

Lansdowne Pub wall – Canton

Tafod Bar, Cardiff.

Fitzalan YC.

Bargoed High Street Shutter commission – Bryce Davies and Andy O’Rourke

“Universal Studios” commission – Cardiff

The Peaceful Progress Fair Play Festival 2008 – Joiner by Aiser, Tryer, Rarebit, Hasl, Best. Other walls painted by Nerve, Bird, Andy O’Rourke, Unity and Dom.

Totem Pole – Canton

Green Man Festival 08 – Painted by James Charlton, Bryce Davies, Brian Watkins, Andy Fung and Bird 272.

Nomad Backpackers commission.

Roxe Jam 2008 – Best and Bird

Voice FM Ambulance commission

Lounge on the Farm, Kent – 3 productions in 3 days. Best and Bird

Eco-fest, Lincolnshire – Best and Bird

Canton Uniting Church / Somerfield wall

“Kingfishers” – Swansea. Best and Bird

Sunrise Celebration 2008, Glastonbury – Best, Bird, Andy Fung, Spun art, Brian Watkins. The Festival was cancelled due to bad weather, Hence the walls were unfinished.

“Mood Swings” – Peaceful Progress HQ. Best and Andy O’Rourke

“Shady Dealings” – The Lansdowne pub. Best and Andy O’Rourke

Tylorstown Primary School commission – Jodie Driscoll and Bryce Davies.

“Showdown” exhibition @ The GarejBest and Andy Fung.

Cymdeithas yr Iaith Commission – Ralli Dathlu’r Gymraeg @ Bae Caerdydd.

“Spray Job” exhibition @ the Garej artspace. Best and James Charlton

Milgi bar – “Bangkok nights”

Secret Garden jeep – Best and Andy Fung

Bestival 2007 – Isle of wight

Greenman festival 07 – Best, Air Force and Spun art.

Cargo, London – Best wall next to Banksy and Obey pieces.

Roxe Jam 07 – In memory of Bill Lockwood aka Roxe.

Glastonbury 2007 – Lost Vagueness Trailer park bar. Best and Ink Fetish

Bassline Circus 2007 “Advertigo”

“Sharky Shades” – by Best and Rmer

Bristol Zoo

“Burner” – Hayley Park. Painted on burnt wall.

“Traveller” – Hayley Park. Best, Ruth and Tsu

“Spring” – Pontcanna, Cardiff

“Growth” – Tactile Bosch, In Arcadia

“Splott waterfall”

“Lightnin innit”

Peaceful Progress and Silver Hand Graf jam – Tattoo vs Street Art convention 06

Green Man Festival 06. Grow, Ruth and Tsu

E4’s Big Brother TV appearance

Hayley park – Grow, Ruth and Tsu

Coed Hills International festival of arts

Maindee Festival – Shrew, Grow and We know

Sunrise Celebration 06

Bassline Circus 06

Constantinou brothers wall commission


Slice 1, 2 and 3 @ Tactile Bosch and Chapter arts centre

Bestival 05 Mural, Isle of Wight

Secret Garden big LOVE mural. Painted with Andy Fung

Compass Point 05 – Painted with Andy Fung

Glastonbury 05 “Avalon not Babylon” 118ft wall – Andy Taylor, Bryce Davies, Andy Fung.